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Last Christmas saw Burberry’s Beckham ad campaign hit TV screens, billboards and flagship stores, a culmination of a traditional Christmas intertwined with a luxury range of products from the well recognised 149 year old British brand.

Customer experience has long been an integral part of any luxury brand, ensuring what’s shown in an ad or talked about online, translates into a luxury experience in person, in store. Many brands fail to deliver this, conveying a high-end premium feel in their advertising and online but lacking the delivery of a comfortably premium customer experience.

The important thing to remember about this particular ad, and many others, is that in the luxury market, your story is your biggest asset. We recently worked with Hvitsten Timepieces, on a brand strategy for the UK market. During several meetings, we learnt more about the heritage and craftsmanship behind the Norwegian namesake brand which allowed us to really emphasise their brand’s story through time, soon to be unveiled on their website.

Many businesses proudly display ‘Est …..’ in their logo or on their website, displaying how long they’ve been trusted as a brand for. But, few capitalise on what’s actually happened in that time, failing to tell their customers what they’re really about. Many have fallen foul to modern times and have chosen to leave their story out of their marketing, in a bid to compete with the fresher brands. We believe that’s the wrong approach for luxury.

Take Burberry’s earlier talked about campaign, it didn’t end there. The ad itself featuring Romeo Beckham, who cost £45,000 a day alone, saw sales for the brand increase by 7% to top £1.1bn. So at this cost, you’d want a customer experience to match, especially if you found yourself in the flagship store over Christmas to find a signature trench coat, or even a pair of £95 baby boots.

Burberry completed the experience with a wide range of services over the busy trading period. One of which was Monogramming, whereby a customer can have their initials or custom lettering embroidered to their chosen product, a highly personal touch when it comes to gifting. Costing upwards of £200 for 3 letters, it’s a far cry from a football shirt with your nickname on.

Again, this is where Burberry really perform, offering a premium service to accompany purchases, leaving the customer feeling highly valued and content with their purchase. Customising a product has become a huge market in the past few years, with luxury brands now adopting the practice of monogramming, mainly for gifting.

Our favourite part to the overall campaign was the home delivery. For the past few years, Burberry has used a replica ~1920s van to deliver selected orders to customers. This was a big plus for the brand’s social presence as tourists, customers and children flocked to the vehicle for selfies, later uploaded to the increasingly popular Instagram platform. One of our clients even managed to spot it themselves whilst shopping.

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Brands have to remember that a £1m ad campaign isn’t enough to secure sales and keep future customers, it’s down to the experience that accompanies it, creating a total campaign.

Photo Credit – © 2015 Kandola Luxuries | Video Content © Burberry/YouTube

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