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With Easter being the hot topic of discussion, we decided to take a look at one of the most renowned Eggs in history, the luxury and sophisticated Fabergé Egg.

The company, founded by Peter Carl Fabergé, in 1885 has grown to become one of the most recognised displays of craftsmanship and design. The first time Easter saw the eggs was for the Russian Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II. Fabergé produced a limited number of one-off jewelled eggs to be gifts for the ruler’s wives and mothers. 43 are still in existence today, but Peter’s progress was halted shortly before the Russian Revolution.

'Les Fleurs by Fabergé' - Snob Mag ©
‘Les Fleurs by Fabergé’ – Snob Mag ©

In the past century, the trademark for Fabergé has changed hands several times with many companies using the name to produce egg-related merchandise. Unilever even got in on the name, with Victor Mayer Jewellery producing a limited edition range of heirloom style eggs.

Carl Fabergé, Founder
Carl Fabergé, Founder

Nowadays, a quick search online brings back many copy-cat style eggs for under £20, with the genuine examples reaching up to £20m, that’s if you can find one for sale.
Many of Fabergé’s creations, original and recent, are now exhibits in museums and collections across the world.

World famous department store Harrods even joined in on the fun over Easter, with an augmented reality window display, see below.


Have an enjoyable Easter all.

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