How to uncover your brand identity

If you’re just about to launch your brand, or considering a rebrand, you have to know inside out exactly what that brand stands for. You have to know what it needs to shout at anyone seeing the logo, slogan or product. You have to know exactly what you are and definitely what you’re not.

When we meet new clients, often asking them to describe their brand proves a tricky exercise. It’s like writing your Tinder profile, you’re not quite sure what comes across as cocky or what says you’re not too confident in yourself. Often, trying to sum your brand up in 3 words works really well – making you think carefully about how you can narrow down your heritage, products, approach, brand image and style in just a few words.

There are many other ways to find your true brand’s identity. Some of these include quite unorthodox methods including playing cards. One agency from Chicago have devised the ‘Brand Deck’ – designed to be played almost as a game between client and agency, forcing those involved to think hard about what their brand really represents.

Brand Deck by Scott Thomas

We’ve ordered some packs of the brand deck to try out with our clients, to see how our thoughts on said brand compare. It should prove an interesting challenge on both parts to narrow down the description of a brand to just a few adjectives.

When uncovering your brand’s identity, it’s paramount to also think about what your brand isn’t. This will help you ensure you don’t stray into other territory. You don’t want to do similar things to your main competitor. Branding is all about standing out and creating an identity which can stand strong on its own so thinking about this is one very important element. It will then help to form brand guidelines, aiding you in deciding how to convey your next marketing campaign, what style of copywriting to use on your website and how to approach social media.

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