‘Luxury’ and Luxury

Quite often, putting a high price tag on a car, bag or home automatically deems it as ‘luxury’ in many people’s eyes. However, there’s a lot more to luxury than the extravagant price tag.

Take, for example, the dry cleaners near our studio. They have a posh, established looking and sounding brand, but actually use it as a facade, trading from a rundown every-day laundrette. You could say it’s just marketing which allows them to up their price and brand image. Supermarkets regularly do this by creating simulated brands to sell their own ‘value’ products for a higher price.

Cheap vs Steep

The emergence of fast fashion has led to premium looks with the low prices. You’ll notice that if a celebrity or royalty wear a particular item of clothing, which would have taken around 6 weeks to design, will hit the shelves of high-street retailers within 2 weeks. This is where luxury becomes a blurred line.

Many brands in recent years have tried to emulate luxury by using elegant typefaces and sophisticated branding and campaigns. Realistically though, it all comes down to value. If a handbag costs £10,000, why does it cost that? Has it been handcrafted by a skilled production team, using the finest materials available, sourced especially for that brand? Has the brand itself got the provenance and history to justify a premium price?

When we work with luxury brands, both established and emerging, we delve a lot deeper into the brand than just the logo. What story do they have to tell? What experiences have their employers or founders got to tell? What was their inspiration to create something luxurious?

Just to give you an idea of how prevalent this theme is, the cover photo to this article is of Primark products.

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